[first prototype]Web Accessibility


this is our presentation slides for our first prototype by Kamilla, Meg and Ye

Project Pitch_Lee, Pitukcharoen, Kwak, Driscoll and Black


Choose Your Own Map: Wayfinding & Universal Design

By Decho Pitukcharoen, Min Sung Kwak, Anthony Driscoll, Joori Lee and Veronica Black

Project Pitch

Web Accessibility presentation by Meg, Ye, and Kamilla


Initial Project Pitch

Team: Melanie, Rachel, Sarah and Seungkyun

Initial Concepts (the objects group)

Great article on how the blind use touchscreen devices to interact with the world



Some interesting applications I hadn’t heard of before, also, like using the camera for color identification and proximity detection.

Check this out!


User Research and Precedents

User Research and Precedents

Joori Lee

Group : Veronica, Carmelle and Danielle

individual PDF: link